Why Work With Us?

We believe that we can help guide you through a complex process, including the decision of whether to list your property or try to sell it yourself, and how entry-only companies operate and price their services. This is not how most real estate offices begin the conversation with new clients, but as a seller, it is important to know the pros and cons of all of the options, not just the pros of listing with us.

We recognize that the role of the realtor has been redefined in recent years. In turn, we believe that some of the “standard” commission assumptions will follow suit. Buyers have become more self-directed during the “Zillow era” and property values have tripled, but the standard percentage fee charged by most realtors has not budged. Covid-19 has further redefined the role that realtors play; even with fewer open houses and office “walk ins”, and more virtual showings, the real estate market is skyrocketing. We will structure our pricing based on the realtor’s new role in the process.

We have been considering this expanded service for years, but the events of 2020 make this an ideal time. Because I will continue to handle my legal practice with Eric, Matt and Tim will join us full time in this real estate venture. We will be acting as a team in a way that few offices can. Tim brings an artist’s perspective from his Savannah College of Art and Design training, technical and photographic talents and vision, along with his experience as a real estate agent in Jamestown. Matt, with a University of Wisconsin economics degree, experience in title searching and preparing closing documents, office management, a deceptively broad network, and an ever-important sense of humor, will be an asset to our team. I bring three decades of legal experience in Rhode Island real estate, and the strategies, network, and priorities that are developed from such a background. What we don’t bring is intra-office competition, which is never in the best interests of a buyer or seller.

If you are in the market, we propose giving us ninety days to list your property or putting an offer in through us. We welcome you to come discuss your plans even if you are listing elsewhere or placing an offer through another office. Please shop around and include a stop with us. All information is helpful, and we hope you will appreciate our transparency.